360º Marketing Infographic

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360° MARKETING Inforgraphic

360º Marketing infographic is a visual created for the Avid Digital Works 360º Marketing approach. This approach helps optimize customer acquisition and retention and is used to help small businesses increase revenue. 360° marketing is about infusing your brand identity and your vision at every touch point. It’s communicating your value to the marketplace and giving life and personality to your company.

360° marketing acknowledges that there many ways to communicate with a customer and that all these points need a cohesive strategy to work in harmony, in order to build value and to drive revenue, profit and growth.

The 8 touch points to the 360º Program Include:

  1.  Performance Strategy & Analytics
  2. Paid Digital Marketing: PPC & Social
  3. Fully integrated SEO
  4. Web Design & Development
  5. Email Marketing and CRM
  6. Digital Audit
  7. Branding or Rebranding
  8. Support Marketing Materials






Effective marketing requires a comprehensive strategy that includes creative ideas, business discovery, competitor research, market awareness and experience. We take time the time to get to know you and your brand to help solve your most complex problems.

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