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With a million and one website designers, and graphic designers Avid Digital Works (ADW) had a goal to develop a program for small business that would allow ADW to become the virtual marketing arm for business owners; in the same since that a business may want a virtual assistant.

The Virtual Marketing Department program gives small businesses a way to pay for discounted services at monthly rate; this method allows the business a guaranteed set of marketing hours for the month from Avid Digital works. The business can choose to utilize for any number of marketing efforts; from social media, to website maintenance to print design needs, such as Flyers, PDFs or promotional materials.

It is important to build trust with your marketing agency, just as you would with a permanent employee or employer. Avid Digital Works wants to become a member of your team who just so happens to work remotely.

The Virtual Marketing Department concept comes from Avid Digital Works as a way for you to engage with us in an ongoing relationship. By hiring Avid Digital Works as your marketing department, you will have the opportunity to develop a lasting partnership with a company who gets to know you, your business and effectively learns to communicate and represent your brand in the light that is ideal to you.

Why are Businesses like yours outsourcing their marketing?

They need consistent Marketing efforts that keep up with the trends: `With the option of monthly reporting and the guaranteed hours dedicated to your company we offer ideas and strategies so that marketing initiatives are always kept at a priority level.

They need solutions that are right for their business: Our personalized approach provides each client with their own unique and customized materials to succeed and surpass their competition.

They want to reduce the cost of overhead. One of the benefits of working with a Virtual Marketing Department is that it still costs less than hiring one full-time employee within your company.

Find Out If the Virtual Marketing Department is Right for you.

Are you so focused on your day to day business operations and have little time to implement effective marketing programs?
Have you started a campaign but don’t know if it worked?

Are you managing various freelancers for graphic design, copywriting, email and social media management?

Have you considered hiring a full-time marketing person, but can’t find the right candidate with the skills you need, at a price you can afford?

If You Answered Yes to One Or More Of These Questions, Chances Are Your Business Can Benefit From Our Services.

Avid Digital Works is offering a 360º Degree approach to marketing solutions. We understand that there are multiple moving pieces to your business and to your marketing. These pieces and touch points should work together in consistancy to represent your brand in the best light possible. So whether you are looking for a complete new website design or help with branded promotional pieces, or email marketing efforts you can be sure to count on Your Virtual Marketing Department; Avid Digital Works.

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